Two-day Rolestorming Certification

Two-day Rolestorming Certification

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Coaches assist clients in assuming roles of successful people already doing what your client strives to do or attain. The full Rolestorming set of tools sets the certified coach apart by raising their skill and competence to drive client success.


When you present to large groups, it’s always nice to have a way to get them involved. Use the certification modules to include sizzling activities that teach skills that audience members can use the next day. Learn how to use the Saint-Sinner-Winner roles to work with medium to large audiences.


Structure team breakthroughs around opportunities, preventions and problems by using Rolestorming for idea generation followed by voting and narrowing to the solutions that matches the teams driving currency.


Your classroom is often full of bustling energy. Why not harness it in a way that the students will enjoy while teaching them a life skill. Certified teachers can use Rolestorming to enhance the imagination and perceptions skills of every student.


Corporate and organizational trainers have tired of the usual ropes, balls and bowling experiments. Teambuilding can be fun and useful. Team development adds a purpose and follow-up to the usual classic exercises. Rolestorming is quickly embraced at the “fast food” level. A certified trainer takes the concept further to the “health lunch” level or all the way to the “full meal.”


The site license for full corporate, for-profit certification is $11,800.

Individual RolestormingTM certification is $5,800.

All registered certifications are valid for 10 years.

Regional exclusivity can be negotiated.