'Rolestorming- Let the brilliance begin'

For over 70 years, the brainstorming creativity tool swept across the world. Over time, the tool became generic and lost its punch. People began to avoid sessions or clam up when they attended. Current research, although flawed, lands a heavy blow on the concept—brainstorming is dead. Rolestorming combines role-playing with brain-storming in an effort to keep people on track and to avoid fear and ridicule. 

RolestormingTM Definition

“To assume the role of another person (or object) and
from that perspective offer multiple ideas on
an opportunity, a prevention or a problem”

This tool is fun, easy to use and surprisingly effective for product marketing.


Silicon Valley Origins

Rick Griggs spent time in Silicon Valley as productivity manager at National Semiconductor Corporation and as training manager at Intel headquarters (Fab 2, Santa Clara, California). During this time he developed his Rolestorming creativity and product marketing tool and had it published in Training Magazine, "A Storm of Ideas," R.E. Griggs, 1985.  Sold out session at the American Dental Association meeting in Washington D.C.

Griggs Rolestorming 'Rolestorming 'cheat sheet'' (D. Pol)



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