Mastery Academy

10 Courses


How can 10 courses change your people? Since our first Academy in Palo Alto, California, we’ve seen the impact of 10 focused sessions.  The skills of communication, assertiveness and leadership, combine with other courses on confidence, innovation and team dynamics in a way that creates powerful employees. The 10 Mastery Academy courses correct skill deficits, improve interpersonal skills, and clarify team dynamics.


10 Books

Why a book a month? Innovators and leaders must devour information. After 10 monthly books, participants learn to digest good information and begin a lifetime habit of reading (7 pages a day = 1 book a month). There is value in reading widely and even gathering good information from an occasional bad book. Academy graduates list the reading mastery skill as one of the best outcomes from the 10 month program.



10 Months

How is the Mastery Academy like getting a mini-master’s degree? The repetition helps your people see the world in a different way. The team survival simulations help us see ourselves under stress, amid confusion and chaos, and when we’re frustrated. The 10 months give us time to see it, digest it, and correct it. At first, the act of applying for the academy will change many. By the third session leadership and clear insight begin to emerge. By graduation you employers notice tangible increases in loyalty and initiative. Academy graduates are ready to master the future… but it takes a bit of time!













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